Sierra Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Sets

Sierra Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Sets
  • Pan and burner sets are designed for natural gas match lighting with key style shut off valve (check local codes).
  • Three types including Round, Square, and Linear.
  • Standard Electro-Galv. Pans or Stainless Steel.
  • Black cinder medium standard, fire glass ready.
  • Optional Ceramic Campfire Logs available in three sizes.
  • Custom Sizes and configuration available. Ask for quote!

Fire Ring Gas Burners

Fire Ring Burners

Fire ring burners are installed in outdoor brick fire pits. The ring is covered with sand and lava rock. Ceramic logs can be placed on top to add a burning log effect. Check local codes and with your gas supplier for proper installation.

Special Sizes Available - Call Customer Service for a quote!

  • Heavy duty 1/2"
  • Schedule 40
  • Black Steel Pipe
  • Roll Formed
  • Mig Welded
  • Outdoor Fire Ring Burner

Natural and realistic look of a outdoor campfire without the hassles of a wood fire.

High Quality Poured Ceramic Logs and Multi Color High Temperature Finish generate a classic seasoned look.

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